Hello, I'm Brandon Hill and welcome to Music Memor!


I've been on a journey to master music production and especially master music production with Maschine.

My Story


Music has always been something I loved, but I never got into making music. I couldn't play any instruments and didn't have any formal instruction with music, music theory, or production at all.


One day, I decided to take the leap into music production by purchasing the Maschine MK3. This controller allowed me to easily create beats and gave me an infinite opportunity to be creative.


The Maschine controller and software are tools that enable you to produce music and I wanted to MASTER these tools.


So, I set off to learn everything I could about the Maschine MK3 / Plus and the Maschine software. I watched all the YouTube videos, read the manuals, and practiced learning everything that Maschine is capable of, so I could be comfortable with all the tools I had at my disposal.


While I'm on my own music production journey, I wanted to help others on their journey as well.


That's why I created Music Memor: to teach others how to use the Maschine and how to produce music in general.


I want to teach you with the most effective methods and tactics for learning that I have applied in other areas of life.


These learning methods will ensure that your time is best used with effective and efficient strategies and tools.


My goal is to help you level up in the fastest way possible!


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