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Dive into 9+ hours of video lessons and fast-track your learning with a FREE 1,000+ digital flashcard system.


For: Maschine MK3 AND Maschine+ (Plus) Users

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9+ Hours of Videos


One of the most comprehensive Maschine courses on the market

(likely the most comprehensive)

106 Lessons


With 106 lessons, organized into 23 chapters, the material covers a variety of topics


1,000+ Flashcard Studying System


An offering no other Maschine course has.

Study 1,000+ digital flashcards with effective learning methods like Active Recall and Interleaved Practice

Mastering Maschine Comes Down to 2 Things:

The Maschine Accelerator System

Helps You Achieve This

With 2 Components:


1) The Maschine Accelerator Course


2) The Maschine Accelerator Flashcard Database

The Maschine Accelerator Course...


...might be the most comprehensive course on Maschine that is available right now.


The course is applicable to both Maschine MK3 and Maschine+ users. 

(Personally, after learning from several Maschine courses, I believe this is the most comprehensive out there in terms of total video material, the variety of topics covered, and the depth at which each topic is covered, but maybe there's a course out there that I haven't checked out yet!)

VALUE: $300

Check Out the Curriculum

23 Chapters

106 Lessons

9+ Hours of Video Material

The Maschine Accelerator Flashcard Database... unique to Music Memor and is a key to mastering the Maschine controller and software


This flashcard database was built from scratch in Notion and provides you with 1,000+ flashcards in an organized infrastructure that you can study within using the effective learning methods of Active Recall and Interleaved Practice.

VALUE: $250

4 Benefits of the Flashcard Database System

Benefit 1: 

Use 1,000+ flashcards to study the course's material using effective learning methods 


The 1,000+ flashcards are created based on the concepts, examples, and tips shared from the course material. The "answers" to the flashcards include video snippets from the course's video lessons.

This flashcard system enables you to learn with the effective learning methods of "Active Recall" and "Interleaved Practice."


Both of these techniques will help you fast-track your way to Maschine mastery by doing the following:

  • Helping you¬†learn more deeply
  • Helping you memorize concepts faster
  • Preventing / slowing how much you forget after a certain period of time
    • By forgetting less, you don't have to re-learn things as often, thus accelerating your mastery of Maschine!

Benefit 2: 

Flashcards have tags and metadata for organization and studying capabilities 


Every single flashcard has metadata and tags that are uniquely associated with that card.


This categorization will allow you to sort the databases by these metadata, so you can tailor your studying to...

  • Specific Topics
  • Specific Chapters in the course
  • Specific Lessons in the course
  • Concept Difficulty (easy, medium, or hard cards)
  • Importance to Everyday Use (low, medium, or high-importance cards

Benefit 3: 

Filters can be applied to databases so you can tailor your studying


Want to study all the "Medium" difficulty cards from the "Note Editing: Events Mode" Chapter that are highly important to everyday use?

You can do exactly that and more by using the filtering feature of the databases to tailor the exact flashcards you want to study.

The combinations of filters you can apply for studying are seemingly endless.

Benefit 4: 

Cards can be studied chronologically or in a random order


The flashcards are listed in chronological order by default. This allows you to read the flashcards from top to bottom as if they were notes, which can be helpful when you are first trying to learn a lesson.

As you advance and start studying the flashcards, an effective way to test your mastery of the flashcards is to study them in a random order.

The flashcard databases have a tab that allows you to study the flashcards in a random order.

You can even apply one or multiple filters to the random database!

Learn about the Maschine Accelerator Flashcard Database here!


This video is from the course material and will give you an overview of how the database works and what is contained within the platform


Summary of What You Get


1) The Maschine Accelerator Course 

VALUE: $300


2) The Maschine Accelerator Flashcard Database

VALUE: $250 How about FREE?


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Both Are Yours For...

$550 Value


One Payment

$87 USD

Best Value

  • Maschine Accelerator Course
    • 106 Lessons
    • 9+ Hours of videos
    • For Maschine MK3 and Maschine+ (Plus) users
  • Maschine Accelerator Flashcard Database
    • 1,000+ flashcards
    • Implement effective learning methods
    • Ability to tailor your studying

Three Payments

$34 USD

$34/Mo for 3 Months ($102 Total)

  • Maschine Accelerator Course
    • 106 Lessons
    • 9+ Hours of videos
    • For Maschine MK3 and Maschine+ (Plus) users
  • Maschine Accelerator Flashcard Database
    • 1,000+ flashcards
    • Implement effective learning methods
    • Ability to tailor your studying